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Life Coaching for a Balanced Lifestyle

You may have arrived at this article prompted by curiosity, an underlying need, or by the few questions that I posed in the Learn Grow Create tutor centre newsletter.  Questions about whether making use of the services of a Life Coach carried with it for YOU, or the society that likes to judge you, a […]

Why ?

It is an undeniable and accepted fact of life that we are all going to suffer.  This suffering will last for differing lengths of time, will have a variety of causes, and will provide us with varying depths of despair, unhappiness, stress, and depression. What is not a generally accepted fact of life, largely and […]

The Perspective Gap

People will often use the expression, “you need to put it into perspective” or sometimes, “you need to put it into context.”  It’s a good thing if either of these is being used in a discussion because it would seem to indicate that there is a willingness to understand the other person’s point of view, […]

The Long Road Back

I’m planning to run across Africa again and this time to double the distance to around 5,000 km. Because of the fairly narrow window weather wise that it is advisable to try and avoid the heat on the one hand, and the winds and rain on the other, the earliest that I can possibly start […]