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“Jon…I must say that you are a very good life coach…You have a great understanding and perception, as well as an ability to action plans. Thank you.”

Paul FoxGoji Spa

“The only thing I can say is that I’m a changed man…Now don’t get me wrong my life isn’t perfect yet and neither am I…I still make the most amazing mistakes and all my problems have not disappeared over night but I am now capable to deal with it…what Jonathan has given me are the tools to better myself. He didn’t give me a fish; he gave me a fishing rod.”

Egbert VermaakSimon Paul Data Services

“The first words I said to Jon were ‘I feel like a crazy person having a quarter century crisis’. I then began explaining my world of chaos. A world of self doubt, unnecessarily harsh self-analysis, shifting blame and ultimately, relentless fear. I felt like I had lost my sense of self and along with this, my direction in life. My ‘chats’ with Jon (and this is really what they are, warm and friendly conversations between two friends) have lead me to a change in perspective. Jon has taught me that we are each in control of our own sense of peace and happiness. We simply need to sort through our own personal clutter and pull out the bits that really and truly matter, set simple goals and then actually achieve them. We need to be kind to ourselves, to show ourselves respect and love in this unpredictable world.

Jon’s easy going, non-judgmental nature and uncanny ability to get to the heart of each issue has and continues to help me along this journey.”

Sarah Lowe

“The session was a great experience, with setting a challenge to better myself in various aspects. Also having and sticking to new goals for the year ahead.”

Ruark du ToitTensile Cables

“I approached Jon during a time in my personal life and career where I was feeling very uneasy.  I was in a complicated family business environment and needed guidance.  Jon was very descriptive about the process we would follow so I had a clear understanding of how his Life Coaching was structured.  Jon helped me through a time in my life that felt like looking through fog.  I feel like the path I am walking now is clear and a lot healthier for my well-being and life’s desires.  Thank you Jon for helping me lift the fog.”

Lisa Glaister

“I have been very happy with Jonathan’s work that he has done with me. I was thrilled to at last have an easy step-by-step guide to bring all aspects of my life into balance.

I feel that his work is tremendously beneficial to all seeking guidance in their lives with fresh perspective. I find that the model that we work from is fun and easy to follow with excellent results.

I also find Jonathan to be very passionate about his work as well as very supportive, really taking the level of service to the next level.I truly feel that I am now able to tackle any situations that life throws at me.

Thank you Jonathan!”

Kayli-Jane Krummeck

Jon came highly recommended by a close friend for life coaching as I was young and deciding which career path to take. After meeting once with Jon he gave me questions to answer and things to think about….’homework’. These challenging and life changing questions and being able to text or email Jon was amazing.

After making my career decision, I went back to Jon to discuss my personal relationship problems. Deciding to do relationship mediation was fantastic. Jon who is experienced and knowledgeable about life really put things into perspective for the both myself and my partner. Leaving the session we felt totally rejuvenated about our relationship, learning and understanding the relationship and more about each other.

After a 4 month relapse we consulted Jon again who was only a phone call away. He is always willing to assist day or night. Never takes sides, but allows the individual to see the other person’s views, in a calm and loving environment. I walked away from Jon’s sessions always feeling I could conquer anything with peace and a level head.

I thank you Jon, for giving me sound and invaluable insights into understanding myself and my life better. Learning more about myself in a challenging and productive way. Wishing you all the very best for your journey.

Laura Slabber

I decided to do some life coaching after a difficult time at work and wondering if my current path was the best for me. A lack of focus and direction in work was affecting my general outlook on life and was really weighing me down. Jon stepped up and we worked through a few sessions in understanding what it was I actually wanted and laid the foundation for planning both work and life to create the focus and direction I sorely needed.

Jon’s patience and subtle prompting drives your thoughts toward discovering the truths that are there but get covered over by general life busyness. He is great at asking the right questions and giving insight into the “what could be” to provide the understanding of the reality of the situation and providing the confidence to trust yourself to make the right choices.

Trevor Glaister

I was going through a difficult situation with my boyfriend at the time and didn’t know where to get good advice, who to speak to that would have a mutual understanding and not be biased.

That’s when you came in, Jon. I opened up and told you everything that was going on in my relationship and you helped me realise how to define the problem in the relationship and to try find a balance between the traditional world, new awareness and relationships, which is incredibly difficult I might add.

As you mentioned in your book – ‘Can Anyone Here Sing’, the underlying principle from the show – Defending the Caveman, men are hunters and women are gatherers. If men and women are able to understand that and leave it as is, relationships would be so much more peaceful. Don’t try to change someone in a relationship, it’s never going to work. Accept them for who they are and focus on the positive things they do.

You have helped me find it a bit easier to understand what love really is and to say it with meaning. You have helped me to try look past the physical attraction and constant closeness of the early stages in a relationship and to try focus more on your partner’s character, personal traits, morals and goals in life.

You have taught me the main things that keep a relationship strong… is trust, communication, intimacy, a sense of humour, sharing tasks, daily exchanges, sharing common goals and interests, giving each other space to grow without feeling insecure and giving each other a sense of belonging and assurances of commitment.

What stood out to me most in your book, among many other things, was your custom life wheel/sphere. It helps you look at what is important in your life and physically see how balanced your life is and where you need to make more of an effort. People think it’s easy to think about… But seeing it down on paper is very different.

Thank you for your honesty and good advice, it made a huge difference in my life and I will be forever grateful.

Kelley Marais