Understanding the old

  1. How and why did it start?  (Genuine coping mechanism or more whimsical.)
  2. Do any of the initial conditions that caused it still exist?  (These must be addressed.)
  3. How bad is it really?  Is there anything good/positive?  (Are you being unnecessarily hard on yourself?)

Starting the new

  1. Set an achievable goal which requires the new, good habit activities.  (Taking you away from the old, bad habit.)
  2. Focus all your attention on doing the new habit, not on stopping the old habit.  (Focus on your good, positive qualities and activities.)
  3. Create good replacement and displacement activities for the old habit.  (Breaking the automatic, unthinking behaviour.)
  4. Measure your progress and reward yourself for your achievements.  (This is a double achievement, doing less of the old and more of the new.)

To read the full text and explanations for these 7 tips go here.

Jon O’Hanlon